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What are the Differences Between IT and Software Companies?

Wired to the System

Technology has become hard-integrated into our lives in the new millennium. It’s a guarantee that you’re reading this on a phone, tablet, PC, or Mac right now. We interface for everything from basic tasks at work, such as inventory, spreadsheets, and shipping labels, to daily home tasks, like video calling, social media use, watching Netflix, or, at times, writing internet blog posts. Suffice it to say, we would be very sunk without our gadgets, which makes IT companies in Houston fairly critical to our lives.

Of course, technology does not fall out of skies or grow on trees. Technology is a gradual, rigorous process involving constant research & development and cutting-edge technical ability. Behind all of our screens are teams of experts, each specialized in a different task involved in bringing together and maintaining all of our technological needs, and two very important ones are the software development industry and information technology. But what is the difference between a software and an IT company in Houston? Read on:

Software Development Companies

Whenever we’re using photo filtering, playing online games, or using office programs, we’re dealing with what are called Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). A GUI is, simply and crudely, the means by which we interact with our technology. Commands, layouts, text, clickable buttons (or touch buttons on a phone or tablet), visuals, cursors, and graphic icons are examples of components that make up a GUI.

What distinguishes a software company from an IT company in Houston boils down to a few key factors. Software companies specialize in the creation of programs using computer code, which includes the creation, testing, and rollout of a GUI. Every icon on your desktop or your smartphone screen is representative of software that opens when you click. Software companies are also responsible for the creation of updates and new software to keep up with hardware advancements.

Information Technology Companies

An IT company in Houston, as you will read, differs greatly from software companies in Houston. Where software companies are focused on creation, updates, research & development, and graphic design of software programs, an IT company in Houston will generally be more focused on maintenance and management of technology in use, usually in companies and firms.

Some rather large companies employ their own IT departments in a central office, and they deploy this team whenever a branch is experiencing a technical difficulty. However, for smaller, single businesses that run on their own company software, a whole IT department is not feasible. This is where an IT company in Houston comes in. Small, local companies that run into snags with their technology that they are not qualified to repair will call an IT company in Houston.

IT Company in Houston

Because every Houston business runs on networks of software installed on hundreds of computers and servers, technical maintenance and tech support crews must always be at the ready. For round-the-clock service, maintenance, and tech support for your Houston company, contact Gatun Technologies, the premier IT company in Houston. Click here to learn more.