IT Support

What are the Different Types of IT Services?

There are many different types of IT services needed for any business, big or small. As businesses grown, the need for reliable and varied IT services increases. At some point, either an in-house IT department must be established, or an external IT management solutions company needs to be hired. IT services in Houston are an important part of growing your business.

What kinds of solutions do IT services in Houston manage?


Hardware and software are what most people think of when they think of the IT department. Among many other things, IT services in Houston help your business to manage your hardware and software needs.

Out-of-date computers and software can really slow down your business’s productivity. An IT service in Houston can help to ensure that your computers, the software running on your computers, internet routers, wireless hubs, and servers are all up-to-date and running at peak performance. Well-maintained and current hardware and software supports employee productivity.

Cloud IT

Many small businesses are relying on Cloud technology more and more. It has become very important for data and communication to continue seamlessly anywhere there is an internet connection. Working from home, on the road, or in the office all must be equally productive. An IT service in Houston can make sure that email, communications, and data can all be shared and worked on from many off-site locations.

Data Services

IT services in Houston are offering the essential services of data backup and data recovery. Your business cannot afford to risk losing data. Data backup is an indispensable service that can save any business massive amounts in potential downtime. Without reliable and safe backup, many businesses would be lost in the case of a disaster.

Cyber Security

Internet security is a massive undertaking for any sized business. IT services can help your business to keep your data, email, and cloud services safe and secure. From spam reduction to protection against hackers, IT services in Houston have the experience and knowledge to keep your business safe.

What is Managed IT?

Many IT services in Houston offer managed IT solutions. This is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses that don’t want to hire an entire IT department to keep their business going. Managed IT services work by outsourcing IT issues to a company like Gatun Technologies. Gatun Technologies is able to support the business by offering all of the services listed above as well as countless others. Anything pertaining to IT can be supported by a managed IT services company.

Outsourcing IT services in Houston frees up your time to focus on your business. Allowing another company to support your IT means that you will suffer less from loss due to IT downtime. IT services in Houston, like Gatun Technologies, keep your business IT running smoothly. They’re able to foresee problems and fix them before they stop your business in its tracks.

The scope of IT services in Houston is changing constantly as technology changes. Using a managed IT solutions company, like Gatun Technologies, will ensure that your business can keep up with the speed of technology. Contact us for more details.