Managed It Services in Houston
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Why Should You Hire a Managed IT Service Provider?

In this modern age, IT support is something that almost every business is going to need at some point or another, whether your business just has a set of desktop or laptop computers for everyday work, or your business runs its own set of servers for secure storage or complex tasks. The big issue with getting IT support is the cost of hiring on-staff IT that are sufficient to support everything you need supported in your business. Many companies have relatively lean room for extra overhead, so the best solution to this issue is hiring Managed IT Services in Houston instead. Trust your IT support to a professional provider.

With dedicated support from a Managed IT services company, you will be able to leverage your business with their experts, both in IT support and in data and network security, keeping your business running, saving money, and allowing for a more agile IT infrastructure.

Constant, Quality Support

Having your own IT staff is great for getting quick support on-site, but what happens on weekends and nights? You could have IT staff specifically on-call 24/7, but that gets very unreasonable quickly if your IT staff is rather small. This is why you should hire managed IT services. They can cover the after hours that your on-staff IT may not be able to cover, especially if they go on holiday.

With 24/7 IT support, including phone support, a managed IT service can cover the basics of IT support, which frees up your on-staff IT for more complex tasks and the other daily tasks they have to complete. Round the clock support keeps your systems up and running, addressing issues more quickly and effectively.

Proactive Maintenance and Security

A specialty of managed IT services is that they can have systems installed that constantly monitor network stability and security. With their expert IT support, they can discover issues before they become network crashing disasters. As well, they have security experts; while you may have an on-staff IT specialist, not all IT specialists are also security experts. Security is a major issue these days, whether it’s to secure your own or client sensitive data, or to prevent ransomware or virus attacks. Being proactive with your security by using services like those available from Gatun Technologies means you are actually saving money and time by preventing catastrophic security events.

Agile Technology Strategies

On-staff IT are a great asset to have for quick support and daily maintenance, but they don’t always have the available time to train on all the latest technology options. Through the use of managed IT services you will have access to teams of IT experts that are constantly training and researching new technology solutions as they come out, and you can harness their work and knowledge for your business.

Also, instead of having an IT strategy based on reaction, they can help you design an overall IT strategy that is proactive and that can help you plan for short term and long term IT expansion needs. This will minimize growth issues as you pick up more clients and expand your business.

Where to Find Managed IT Services in Houston

If you are looking for managed IT services in Houston and the surrounding areas, contact Gatun Technologies today for a free consultation and learn how they can bolster your IT team and infrastructure for your future.